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Having GOOD Values: Positivity

Integrity | Positivity | Inclusivity | Supportiveness | Inspiration

You may already know Choirs For Good was formed by 5 like-minded choir leaders, but even like-minded choir leaders have differences in opinion! When forming Choirs For Good we all felt it was important to have a really strong set of values that not only represented us and the vision that we wanted to build, but also to guide our choristers and to help us all form a culture within our choir rehearsals that represents the true essence of Choirs For Good.

After some interesting debating, discussions and much thought we eventually settled on 5 core values of; Integrity, Positivity, Inclusivity, Supportiveness and Inspiration. Our next blog posts delve deeper into why we felt these values were the right ones for us.


Our next company value is Positivity, which may seem like a bit of a no brainier. But it’s incredibly important to us, as positivity within our team and in our choristers makes such a difference to what we can achieve.

Don’t get me wrong, there can often seem like not a lot to be happy about. Choirs For Good was founded in the middle of a pandemic that has not only left people exhausted and stretched thin, but has left some people ill in the long-term, and is making mental health problems more and more prevalent across the country.

So why positivity? Because we believe that there is always a silver lining if we’re willing to actively look for it. That silver lining can be knowing you have chocolate biscuits in the house after a tough work meeting, or an unexpected snuggle from a pet. It can be the feeling of knowing you’re going to see your choir friends and sing together. Or it can even be knowing that someone cares for you, and is willing to listen if absolutely nothing else is going your way.

For our team, positivity is a huge part of how we operate. We try to approach new ideas and goals with a ‘Yes’ attitude: ‘How can we make this work?’ rather than ‘What are the problems with this?’ What that translates to is more and better opportunities for our choirs - chances to take part in unique gigs, to try new things, or to reach new milestones together.

We believe that if you approach our choirs with similar positivity, and come ready to engage and to treat everyone with kindness and respect, you’ll leave our rehearsals and gigs feeling like a million bucks.

And that is positively wonderful!

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