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Having GOOD Values: Integrity

Integrity | Positivity | Inclusivity | Supportiveness | Inspiration

You may already know Choirs For Good was formed by 5 like-minded choir leaders, but even like-minded choir leaders have differences in opinion! When forming Choirs For Good we all felt it was important to have a really strong set of values that not only represented us and the vision that we wanted to build, but also to guide our choristers and to help us all form a culture within our choir rehearsals that represents the true essence of Choirs For Good.

After some interesting debating, discussions and much thought we eventually settled on 5 core values of; Integrity, Positivity, Inclusivity, Supportiveness and Inspiration. Our next blog posts delve deeper into why we felt these values were the right ones for us.


Choirs For Good exists to help people Feel Good and Do Good, For Good. As an organisation that promotes putting “Good” out into the world, integrity seemed an obvious and important choice for us.

Integrity is defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. We want to ensure that we do our very best to do the right thing and to be “good” at every opportunity. You could even go so far as to say integrity is also the value that holds us to accountable to all of our other values. After all, if we aren’t abiding by our company values (and being positive, inclusive, supportive and inspiring) - do we still have integrity?

Of course, we don’t anticipate that we will get it right all of the time, especially as a new organisation trying to navigate our way through an increasingly complex world and so integrity is also about admitting when we get it wrong, and ensuring that we listen and learn from our mistakes to make sure we can be better both as an organisation and as individuals.

The purpose of a social business is a business that gives back to society, everything we do is for the benefit of our choristers and their community and so for our organisation, integrity also means being open and honest with our choristers about the way the organisation is run, the reason behind certain decisions, being transparent about how their membership fee is spent and involving choristers in decisions that may affect their choirs.

But what does integrity mean for our choristers? In the dictionary there is a second definition of Integrity - ’the state of being whole and undivided’. We absolutely love this definition and how it fits with the bare essence of what a choir is; many different people from a richness of backgrounds, experiences and opinions coming together to create one united choir. In a world that seems like its becoming increasingly divided - I personally find this definition of integrity very appropriate and wholesome.

When we sing together we become a part of something bigger than ourselves, we leave any differences at the door and we work together towards a common goal; whether that’s having a great time, making a great sound, preparing for a concert, supporting each other through a difficult time or a mixture of all those things; we become united and when we’re united good things happen.

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