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Book a Performance OR A SINGING WORKSHOP

Our choirs love to perform regularly in their local communities from village fairs, local festivals and supermarket collections through to fundraising concerts, private functions, conferences and corporate events.

Our choir leaders are also available to lead one-off singing workshops for community groups and corporate team building, for more information on workshops get in touch at


Support Our Choirs

We budget to donate a number of gigs to good causes every year. After all, we're here to 'Do Good' and give back to our local communities.


We also believe in sustainability and supporting our choir leaders by paying them properly for their time and skills. This means that the majority of performances incur costs for us. 


We accept bookings first and foremost on if we believe the experience will be an enjoyable and worthwhile for our singers and if they align with our Feel Good, Do Good, For Good mission.

 We will never decline a request based on if our costs are covered or not, however your contributions towards covering our costs mean that we are able to expand our reach and support our communities further.

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