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Integrity | Positivity | Inclusivity | Supportiveness | Inspiration

You may already know Choirs For Good was formed by 5 like-minded choir leaders, but even like-minded choir leaders have differences in opinion! When forming Choirs For Good we all felt it was important to have a really strong set of values that not only represented us and the vision that we wanted to build, but also to guide our choristers and to help us all form a culture within our choir rehearsals that represents the true essence of Choirs For Good.

After some interesting debating, discussions and much thought we eventually settled on 5 core values of; Integrity, Positivity, Inclusivity, Supportiveness and Inspiration. Our next blog posts delve deeper into why we felt these values were the right ones for us.


Yes, we know it sounds cheesy, and believe me we didn’t take this value on lightly! To us, inspiration means a few different things, which is why it is so important to us.

We want to be inspiring as an organisation

When we were choosing our values, it was a close call between this, and the word ‘innovative’. To us, being an inspirational organisation means that we are not afraid to ask questions, to challenge the norm, and to take a leap into the unknown. We aren’t worried about having difficult conversations, and we are excited to learn new things and find better ways. For us, being inspiring means pushing forward and paving the way for others to be brave. It can be scary but doing something small every day that scares you makes you resilient. We don’t believe anyone can fail, only that we learn how to be better.

We want to be inspiring as individuals

This one speaks for itself – we want to lead by example. This ties in really nicely with one of our other values: ‘integrity’. As directors, we are guided by our strong moral and ethical principles, which we have woven into the very fabric of the organisation, and that we hope permeates every facet of the culture we create at Choirs For Good. How can we expect people to trust and believe in us if we don’t practice what we preach?

We are inspired by others

Choirs are little microcosms of society, and we are so privileged to work with individuals from all walks of life. Each one of them is inspiring to us in their own way. It doesn’t matter what that is: it could be someone who has given their life to raising awareness and funds for a particular charity. Or, it could be a single parent who has worked 60 hours a week for the last two years to put food on the table. It could be someone who has travelled the world, or someone who has been brave enough to leave the house for the first time this week. We look for the good in everyone, because it inspires us to be – and do – better.

When was the last time you were inspired by something or someone? Being inspired is the most amazing and complex feeling. But ultimately, when we feel something so deeply we often take action. And action propels us forward. In other words, we feel good, so we do good. For good.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 11, 2021

Inspiration Wow Watched Tom Parker from the boys band Wanted. He achieved his goal but taking part in Royal Albert Hall a concert for Cancer run by Channel Four Stand up to Cancer. I felt guilty for complaining of things which really did not matter. Tom is fighting Brain Cancer and is stage four and terminal. A real Hero The gig was successful and raised much needed money to help others who to suffer God Bless you Tom you are amazing Every blessing Lynfax

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