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A Little Bit Of Love FOR MNDA

Blog Post By Mark Jones | Choirs For Good WREXHAM


In November 2022, I was at the finals of the Rugby League World Cup when, at halftime, Kevin Sinfield entered the pitch to rapturous applause, accompanied by Heather Small singing 'Proud'.

Kev had just finished his 7th marathon in 7 days to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) and in honour of his best mate and fellow Rugby League player, Rob Burrow.

Kev's efforts and Rob's story inspired me to do some fundraising for MNDA. Running's not my thing, but I love cycling, so I decided to ride to a few Rugby League games. I involved the clubs and raised money.

I'm a North Wales Crusaders Rugby League fan, so to begin with, I rode to Thatto Heath (St Helens) for our Challenge Cup game (60 miles). Then in May, I built up distances: Rochdale Hornets for our League 1 game (68 miles), then Midlands Hurricanes (Birmingham) (100 miles), and finally, over 5 days, I rode to Cornwall RLFC (Penryn) (365 miles).

I was advised by MNDA to use social media as much as possible to raise awareness. I made some video reels with my daughter, but our best effort was with Choirs For Good Wrexham.

Our choir leader, Izzy, helped us rearrange the words to one of our songs, "A Little Bit of Love" by Wheezer, and my daughter came to record and film it at choir practice.

The film was a great success and boosted my Just Giving page when it was released to the world. I've also had many generous donations from my fellow choir members and lots of interest in the ride, the fundraising, and the work of the charity.

The choir members' support gave me massive incentive during that hot and hilly 365 miles, and the song was an 'earworm' to sing-along to when the road got steep!

My Just Giving page closed on 25th June with a final total of £2355 raised for MNDA... not bad considering I initially set out to raise £700! My thanks to Izzy and all my fellow choir members for their support, friendship, and generosity for this charity challenge.

Watch Mark's film below, and even though the Just Giving Page is closed, you can still visit to make a donation.

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7 commentaires

Margaret Greenwood
Margaret Greenwood
03 juil. 2023

Well done Mark for your achievement and for raising so much money for the charity.


Cynthia Mainwaring
Cynthia Mainwaring
02 juil. 2023

Well done Mark x, CFG Pontypridd 🎶👏


Wow, what an amazing achievement Mark. You guys sound awsome 🥰


Awesome 👏 loved it well done Kev and what a great word change to A little bit of love. Xx


01 juil. 2023

What a fantastic achievement Kevin & to the words to "A little bit of love" being re arranged by Izzy.

Eleanor CFG

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