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About US

We are a network of community wellbeing choirs. We exist to promote the importance and benefits of community singing, not just upon an individuals physical and mental wellbeing, but also the many wonderful ways that choirs can unite people and contribute back to their local communities and realise their potential in wider society.


Our vision is to create a world where choirs are placed at the heart and local communities, where they give back and are recognised for their value to society and where choirs form part of a sustainable approach to helping people live more connected, fulfilling lives. 

In short, we exist to help people

Feel Good and Do Good, For Good.


Feel Good

We know that singing makes people feel amazing through the release of ‘happy hormones,’ which can greatly benefit the body and mind. Singing can also help people Feel Good by reducing stress levels, anxiety and feelings of loneliness!


Research also shows that singing has a biological effect on the body, increasing white blood cell production, boosting immunity, and can also help with people’s breathing, circulation and mobility issues.


Choir is also a great place to meet new friends

and create incredible lifelong friendships.

Try it for yourself and book a free taster session!

Do Good

Singing together is about much more than singing itself. Choirs are people from different backgrounds and experiences, uniting to form a community.


Communities are a powerful force for support and we believe that placing choirs at the heart of

local communities we can unite and connect people, while creating positive change in our local communities and beyond.

Our choirs perform regularly to raise funds and awareness for various good causes in their communities.

Additionally, at the start of each year our members vote for our 'Charity Of The Year' and our choirs join forces to raise funds for their chosen cause. 

If you have an event you'd like us to support head over to our booking form.



Choirs For Good is not a charity. We are a not-for-profit social business. Whats the difference?


We are not reliant on funding and donations to ensure the sustainability and longevity of our choirs and we will always keep our membership costs as low as they possibly can be. All our profits must be invested back into the business, or donated to charity.

We are working to create a future where Arts activities like group singing are funded to last and are sustainable and inclusive for everyone, without exception. We believe in a future where singing on prescription is a part of day to day life. 

We also want to support and encourage the next generation of choir leaders. We want to promote leading community choirs as a highly skilled, rewarding and

viable career that can make people

feel good and do good, for good.

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