When we feel good, we’re inspired to do good. So why would anyone want that to be just a short term thing!?

We know that choirs are a powerful force for good in society and that they can be a cornerstone for social activity in any community. We want to foster these relationships to help make them long-lasting and have real impact. Over time, these little things can make a big difference.


We know just how important the Arts are to society, now more than ever. We see a future where Arts activities like group singing are funded to last and are sustainable and inclusive for everyone, without exception. We want to avoid the trap of short-term, ‘silo’ funding by building positive ways of working that addresses these problems head on. 


Being a part of the Arts in Health movement is a key part of that. Through collaboration, we want to support and contribute to academic research that aims to build upon what we already know about singing. We strive for a future where singing on prescription is a part of day to day life. 


And, as singing on prescription becomes integral to our everyday lives, we want to support the next generation of choirs and choir leaders. We want people to recognise that leading community choirs is a highly skilled, rewarding and viable career that can make people feel good and do good, for good.