We all want to feel good, right!? So do we! That’s why we want people to feel good when they’re with us and when they think about us. 

At Choirs For Good, we strive to create warm, inclusive environments for everyone to enjoy, and that includes supporting people to be themselves.  We always aspire to create places of integrity, that are proactive in growth and progress, both socially and personally. We champion equality and are always striving to be better (even if we might not get it perfect every time).


We know first hand that singing has huge physical and mental benefits, and that being in a choir gives people a place to belong and a sense of wellbeing. That’s why we focus on giving people loads of fun, fulfillment, and support. 


Research has shown the world that singing releases endorphins and other happy hormones, and can leave people properly buzzing! But it does more than that – it’s beneficial to lung health, it keeps our brains agile, connects us with others, and boosts our immune systems, to name just a few!


Singing can also help us build positive feelings about ourselves. For many folks, joining a choir teaches them new skills, which can be empowering and helps to build confidence. Singing can inspire people to try new things, and to step outside of their comfort zones.

Joining a choir has been proven to reduce loneliness and feelings of isolation, which is vital for feeling good. Being a part of the Choirs For Good family means being part of something dynamic and supportive. We want you to feel good while you’re singing, and (thanks to our charitable efforts) feel good about doing good, for good!