Doing good makes us feel good. Period.




The two go hand in hand. That’s why we want Choirs For Good to be a place where people feel inspired to do good, and where we set an example of how a social business can make positive change in the world. 


Music and singing are the vehicles that can make this happen. Singing together makes people feel great, and it makes audiences feel great too. It can inspire people to do good things: to say hello to a stranger; to try something they were told they weren’t any good at; or to volunteer for a cause close to their heart. 

We believe that everybody, no matter who they are and what their situation, is deserving of kindness, time, and respect. We want to have a reputation for being a truly inclusive organisation where people feel safe. What we offer is somewhere where people go to have fun, where they can achieve fulfilment, and where they can seek support. 

We want people to really know the impact they are having while being part of our choirs. We want local communities not just to know us, but to see us: we want them to see our groups being active members of society, giving back to good causes and being really and truly integrated into health and social systems. 

And, we want to be a part of the academic community that advocates for the Arts and its holistic benefits. We want you to join us on that journey: lots of little things - over time - can add up to make a big difference.